Green Pistachio Sweet Bread

Pistachio Sweet Bread

Trying to create a mouthwatering and delicious green food is as hard as making blue food look appetizing. After many tries I decided the darker green looked more appealing to the eye. This bread recipe requires no yeast and literally comes together as quickly as a cake batter. No need to decorate or frost as…

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Bailey’s Chocolate Coffee Cream Pie

Bailey' Chocolate Coffee Pie

This pie is a spinoff of my Bailey’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. It takes no special skills to prepare and is totally delicious! This Bailey’s Chocolate Coffee Cream Pie uses a small amount of liqueur and adds a hint of Bailey’s to the taste. Be careful since this is a no bake pie the alcohol doesn’t burn…

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Red Velvet Crepes with Fresh Strawberries

Red Velvet Crepes

Have you wanted to make crepes but always thought it would be difficult? Well, start thinking about making Red Velvet Crepes for brunch! This recipe takes only a few short steps. If you have a blender and start one hour before you want to serve for your batter to rest, your crepes will be done…

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